Posted On Nov 27, 2022

Age is just a number. Most clients are aging gracefully and are active physically and socially.


Mentally they have seen more changes in their lifetime than ever before in history. They have seen computers start out in large, air-conditioned rooms and the progress to desk tops, lap tops, iPads and iPhones and watches that have the power to provide what ever information they want at a moments notice.

They have seen cars, planes and trains evolve and progress to faster means of transportation than was ever thought of and that includes seeing man land on the moon.


Of course, with all this new activity comes a cost and that is where a Reverse Mortgage In Canada can help. Some people struggle just to keep up and other strive to keep up with the Jones’. They want to enjoy lunches or dinners out, BBQ’s and drinks on the patio and the odd special vacation to help empty their Bucket List but they no longer have the cash flow necessary.


That is where a Reverse Mortgage In Canada can help. You can tap into the equity of your home TAX FREE and use the funds to help fulfill their dreams.

There is a lot of misconception about Reverse Mortgages In Canada so I always suggest doing you own due diligence rather than listening to the local expert that knows nothing about Reverse Mortgages In Canada.


“Knowledge is Power” so don’t just listen to what your neighbour says, do some research on your own. To help you in that regard, If you would like to get a free preview to - “Home Run, The Reverse Mortgage ADVANTAGE” just go to to download a copy of the introductory e-Book.


If you have any other questions or would just like to discuss a Reverse Mortgage in Canada please feel free to contact me : or by phone at 250-861-8758.

I will let you know if this product is best for you at this time.