"If I were building a team of mortgage brokers, Neil would be my first round draft pick!"


Not only were you great with helping with my mortgages, you helped me afterwards as well. You even help me when I didn't use you the last round! 


TD once took an extra payment from my account when we changed banks, and the bank nor the lawyer would help- but you did. I've also asked you many questions over the years and you are always quick to respond. I just noticed your slogan "Your mortgage Consultant for Life" is very apt. I would never consider changing (unless you retire) and I've asked you many questions over the years. Thank you.



Funny coincidence, but not one that helps you this time . 😁

I was just speaking to a realtor, as we are selling our house and moving to BC!

On Friday, Michelle just confirmed her new job.  She will be starting at the end of October.  We are planning on buying a class A motorhome, and living in that, as we plan on retiring in 5 years.  So unless you can help with RV financing, or our plans change (possible), we probably won't be home owners anytime soon.

 Do want to say, that we really appreciated your help in the past, you were a real life saver.  I don't know what we would have done without your help.

 Dave & Michelle